Automatic Sliding Gate

We BMTS Folding & Automatic Doorsoffer two types of sliding gates: firstly, the Tracked Sliding Gate which utilizes a ground track laid across the opening, for the gates wheels to run along. The second is the Cantilever Sliding Gate which does not have a ground track and travels above ground like a piston effect being pushed out from its mounting point, with a counter balance on the one side.

We also have a range of Bi-Parting Telescopic Sliding Gates, be it either Tracked Telescopic Sliding Gates or Cantilever Telescopic Sliding Gates, with various finishes, style and color with bespoke options available. bi-parting Most styles are available in our sliding gate range

  • Residential Sliding Gates
  • Manual Sliding Gates
  • Takes up Minimal Space
  • Commercial & Industrial Sliding Gates
  • Automatic Sliding Gates
  • Cantilever Gate or Standard Sliding Gate