Mesh System for Doors

Door mesh systems are growing increasingly popular in the UAE due to their high security and convenience. They have been designed to be strong, reliable, and effective at protecting homes and businesses from unwanted intruders.


    Mesh System for Doors

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    The most successful mesh system is mesh system for doors. Both these products move sideways horizontally on bottom track or bottom guide strip. Barrier free pleated mesh is basically used in doors without threshold. Using guide strip of thickness 5 mm, the caterpilar chain mechanism moves smoothly. The mesh used in barrier free is 20 mm thus reducing stacking space. Supreme Pleated mosquito net has 25 mm bottom track which has this sections to support weight of 200 kg person. The side vertical rail has male magnetic strip which locks with female magnetic strip fixed in pulling rail. The plisse polyester mesh has 20 x 20 holes which is the best in India among all meshes. Sliding doors, casement doors, french doors & lift and slide doors , all these can be fitted with mesh system for doors. As mentioned earlier, pleated mosquito net is the best solution for doors.