Ultra Slim minimal sliding system

SSL75 Minimal sliding system

In this exquisite ‘floor to ceiling series’ the aluminium window frame and sash have been significantly reduced & have been crafted in a minimal design to lessen the number of visible frames and sash. This maximises the spans and openings of rooms to light and landscape and the windows transform into a large panoramic view. Regardless of the typology or design, SSL75 Minislim series offers double glazing as standard making this a system which is a culmination of the widely employed modern design concept, ensuring maximum transparency and excellent performance using the latest and most advanced technology.

This series made from high-performance aluminium can endure heavy wind loads & ensures safety even when subjected to severe weather conditions.

Technical Characteristics

Visible aluminium face width 20mm
Frame height 50mm
Frame width 125mm
Sash height 45m / 19mm
Sash width 43mm
Interlocking profile width 20mm
Roller weight capacity 400kg
Glazing 38mm
Thermal Break Technofoam